This policy is in effect for all members of the “Fuzion Volleyball Club”, herein after referred to as the Club.


The following policy was created to provide an outline for teams to use when fundraising. Teams initiating fundraising campaigns must submit a Fundraising Application Form, outlining their plan and any print collateral associated with it, to the Club Director for approval. Team sponsors cannot conflict with any Club Corporate Partners.

    • The Club is a not-for-profit organization, which means that any surplus funds generated must be put back into Club programs.
    • The Club is not a charity, does not hold that distinction with Revenue Canada and therefore cannot issue charitable tax receipts.
    • Club teams should refrain from using the word “donate” when fundraising. Donations are generally given to charities, with nothing received in return, and a tax receipt is generated to recognize the donor contribution.If a Club team is selling something, it should use the term “fundraising,” and ask people to “support” or “help” the team. Sponsorship is not a donation. Sponsorship is an expense incurred by a company to promote its business. Sponsors receive benefit by having their brand recognized with the Club and/or a Club team.
    • No individual team, coach, manager, athlete or parent shall apply for any funds from any organization, fundraise or seek donations or sponsorships, without having approval in advance of the Club Director and/or the Club executive.
    • All fundraising activities shall be approved by the Club Director and/or Club executive prior to any team initiating such event. Considerations will include athlete safety, the appropriateness of the activity in relation to the mission and values of the Club as well as community standards of good taste. This includes any fundraising event conducted in a public forum. Examples include: door-to-door canvassing, raffles and sales.
    • Fundraising activities shall not include events that may tarnish the reputation of the Club.
    • Any fundraising activity by athletes involving alcohol is strictly prohibited. Parents/Guardians may conduct such fundraising activities, but athletes are not allowed to participate in any way and the club name, logo or any mention of the club is not allowed.
    • Team representatives participating in fundraising events shall act in a professional and respectful manner and should wear, or have visible, the Club logo whenever possible.
    • Fundraising opportunities must have a likelihood of profitability.
    • All funds raised must be submitted to, and accounted by, the Club Fundraising Coordinator or designate.
    • All funds raised must be used in the same season, and for the team that raised the funds.
    • Any unused funds will be returned to the Club per provision
    • If for any reason the event is cancelled, the funds will remain under the athlete’s name to be used for the same or similar event the following season.
  2. Procedure
    • The Head Coach or team manager must complete the Fundraising Application Form.
    • Submit form to Club Director.
    • Club Director will review fundraising idea with Club Executive.
    • Club Director will notify Head Coach of approval status within 10 days.