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5.1 The officers of the club, forming the Executive Committee, will be:

5.1.1 President

5.1.2 Past President

5.1.3 Vice President

5.1.4 Secretary

5.1.5 Treasurer

5.1.6 Ex-officio – Technical Director

5.1.7 Ex-officio – Club Director

5.2 Only these posts will have the right to vote at meetings of the Executive Committee.

5.3 To be nominated for the Executive Committee, a person must have at least one year of experience within the Club or a similar organization.

5.4 To be nominated to run for President, the person must have at least one year of experience on the Executive Committee.

5.5 A coach of a representative team may not be an elected member of the Executive Committee.

5.6 The Executive Committee members whose terms have expired shall be retired at the end of each AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election.

5.7 No Executive Committee member can hold a position for more than 5 consecutive years. In the event that an Executive Committee position remains unfilled, then a retiring Executive Committee member, who has already served five consecutive terms, may be voted into that position by the current Executive Committee.

5.8 Members of the Executive Committee may resign in writing, which shall be effective upon acceptance of the Executive Committee.

5.9 The office of an Executive Committee member shall be automatically vacated:

5.9.1 If the Executive Committee member has resigned their office by delivering a written resignation.

5.9.2 If an Executive Committee member has been asked to vacate their position by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

5.9.3 On sickness and/or death.

5.10 Vacancies on the Executive Committee may, so long as a quorum of Executive Committee members remains in office, be filled by the Executive Committee from among members of the Club. Otherwise, such a vacancy, or vacancies, shall be filled at the next AGM of members at which the Executive Committee for the ensuing year are elected. If there is not a quorum of Executive Committee members, the remaining Executive Committee members shall call a meeting of members to fill the vacancy or vacancies.

5.11 Only the Executive Committee, or those appointed by the Executive Committee, have the legal authority to initiate communication to all players within the Club.