Community service


This policy is in effect for all members of the “Fuzion Volleyball Club”, herein after referred to as the Club.

  1. GOAL

The Club is committed to giving back to our community through various activities, including Community Service. The goal of this policy is to put a framework around the Club’s efforts to engage our community in acts of service so that we are working in a consistent, meaningful and productive way.

Community Service is a service one gives to the community without expecting anything in return and is spent on community projects, which could be of a cultural, humanitarian, athletic or fund-raising in nature. The community could be a club, an organization or a public institution. Teams will be expected to select an activity that meets the criteria as described in the Guiding Principles, below. Teams are encouraged to volunteer together, but it is possible for individual athletes to go above and beyond the club requirements, which will be set at the beginning of each season.


These Guiding Principles are not exclusive or exhaustive, but are meant to provide a guideline:

  • An event or activity designed to be of benefit to the community;
  • An event or activity to support a community not-for-profit agency, institution or foundation;
  • Any structured program that promotes tutoring, mentoring, visiting or coaching, or whose purpose is to assist others who require the benefit of that assistance;
  • Participation in global initiatives/projects;
  • Participation in an event or activity affiliated with a club, religious, arts or cultural association or political organization that seeks a positive contribution to the community.
  • Social service agencies or social justice groups
  • Charitable activities
  • Coaching minor sports
  • Community Care residences
  • Fundraising for not-for-profit organizations
  • Homeless shelters, Hospitals, Hospices or Nursing Homes
  • Local food banks
  • School or community activities designated to raising money for developing countries
  • Refugee centres Service clubs
  • Unpaid academic tutoring
  • Volunteering at the Humane Society

Any activities that do not fall within the scope of the examples listed above must be approved by the Club Director.