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6.1 The President shall:

6.1.1 chair all Club, Executive Committee, AGM and EGM Meetings;

6.1.2 oversee all Club business to ensure it is conducted as directed by the Executive Committee;

6.1.3 act as an Ex-officio member of all sub-committees of the Executive Committee;

6.1.4 assist the Secretary in devising and preparing the agenda for circulation to the Executive Committee in advance of meeting(s);

6.1.5 execute contracts, documents or any instrument(s) on behalf of the Club, or shall so designate an Executive Committee member to do so on his or her behalf;

6.2 The Past President shall:

6.2.1 advise the Executive Committee of history of past decisions;

6.2.2 be responsible for all aspects of the AGM, working in conjunction with the Secretary;

6.2.3 assist the President as, and when, requested;

6.3 The Vice President shall:

6.3.1 represent the President in his or her absence;

6.3.2 in conjunction with the President, devise, prepare and distribute an agenda in advance of meeting(s);

6.4 The Secretary shall:

6.4.1schedule and advise all Executive Committee members of meeting date(s), time(s),location(s), etc.;

6.4.2 record and distribute minutes of all Executive Committee, AGM and EGM Meetings of the Club;

6.4.3 advise and assist Executive Committee members with correspondence;

6.4.4 work in conjunction with the Past President to schedule and advise all members of the AGM or EGM meeting date, time, location, etc.;

6.5 The Treasurer shall:

6.5.1 keep a record of all moneys received and disbursed, shall deposit all moneys in the bank, shall make all disbursements by cheque or eTransfer;

6.5.2 present at each annual meeting, a report of the year’s operation;

6.5.3 present a year-to-date financial statement at each Executive Committee meeting throughout the year;

6.5.4 serve on the budget committee;

6.5.5 be one of the three signing officers for the Club;

6.5.6 have the books reviewed annually by an independent party appointed by the Executive Committee;

6.6 The Technical Director (ex-officio) shall:

6.6.1 be responsible for recruitment of coaches and assistant coaches;

6.6.2 be responsible for player development;

6.6.3 assist coaches with development of practices;

6.6.4 set up clinics to better enhance our coaches knowledge;

6.6.5 convey directives from the Executive Committee to the coaches and/or teams;

6.6.6 act as chair of the Coaches Committee;

6.6.7 promote player and coaching development;

6.6.8 perform such duties as may be determined by the Executive Committee;

6.7The Club Director (ex-officio) shall:

6.7.1 be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club;

6.7.2 appoint various parent committees on an annual basis as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Executive Committee;

6.7.3 be responsible for communications, fundraising, clothing, PR, facilities;

6.7.4 be responsible for all aspects of the Club post office box;

6.7.5 book gym time and assign to teams;

6.7.6 work with the Treasurer and Technical Director in establishing a budget;

6.7.7 look after all player registrations to insure that all information and payments are received or designate a member to do so on his or her behalf;

6.7.8 report a total registration number to the Technical Director and Executive Committee in a timely manner.

6.7.9 receive and disperse all correspondence;

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