This policy is in effect for all members of the “Fuzion Volleyball Club”, herein after referred to as the Club.


The Club shall collect seasonal fees that together will cover all Club expenses and commitments with the express provision of keeping them as low and as affordable as possible. Fees can be supplemented with Club-wide fundraising and sponsorship initiatives that can be used to further reduce member fees.

See SCHEDULE B – FEES for current fees.

    • Registration Fee

A basic Registration Fee will apply to all 14U and older age classes.

  • Selection Fee

A Selection Fee will be applied, in addition to the Registration Fee, based on stream selection.

  • The combined Registration and Selection Fees shall over the cost of the following:
  • VNB Athlete registration
  • VNB Team registration
  • Tournament registrations
  • Club clothing kit
  • Gym rental
  • Coaches travel reimbursements
  • Coaches training reimbursements
  • Club administration and other items as approved by the club executive
    • Multi-Player Discounts

The Club will offer discounts to families with more than one player.

  • Tryouts

There will be a minimum fee for tryouts each season.

  • Advanced Technical Training

Advanced Technical Training fees shall cover the cost of the following:

  • Gym rental
  • CEPS membership
  • Coaches honorarium
    • Affordability

Our goal is that for every athlete who wants to play, we will provide a place, regardless of circumstances or financial ability. We will coordinate with local agencies to provide financial assistance for those who qualify.

  • Refunds
    • Refunds are applied as per FUZION – POLICY 14 – Refunds.
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