This policy is in effect for all members of the “Fuzion Volleyball Club”, herein after referred to as the Club.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure teams representing the Club are outfitted appropriately and outlines the retention and use of game jerseys owned by the Club.

  • All jerseys are the property of the Club.
  • Changing of jerseys is prohibited on the bench or in the gym and must be done in private.
  • The Club colours are Navy, Gold, Gray and White.
  • The Club is responsible for selecting the brand, style and color pallet for all jerseys.
  • The Club’s Clothing Manager is responsible for the distribution, collection and inspection of all jerseys.
  • A yearly inventory will be conducted by the Club’s Clothing Manager, at the close of each season, to determine the overall condition of the jerseys and to determine the number, if any, that need to be replaced.
  • All Club jerseys shall carry the Club logo and be numbered on the front and back in accordance with Volleyball Canada guidelines.
  • Club issued jerseys are only to be worn at matches, tournaments and competitions that are sanctioned by the Club, Volleyball New Brunswick, Volleyball Canada or any affiliated provincial organization. Use for other purposes is prohibited.
  • The Club will issue the appropriate number of jerseys to each team.
  • A jersey shall be assigned to each athlete and a team official shall file a copy of the athlete’s name and jersey numbers with the Club’s Clothing Manager.
  • Any alterations to jerseys are prohibited.
  • Jersey’s shall be cleaned regularly while in the care of the athlete.
  • Athlete/Parent shall report any damage immediately to the Club’s Clothing Manager.
  • At the end of the playing season, a team official shall collect all jerseys and return them washed and in good condition to the Club’s Clothing Manager. Any members with missing/damaged jerseys shall be charged a jersey replacement fee of $50.